Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thoughts in a Hotel Room

I think I may be secretly aspiring to be a pirate. A few weeks ago I bought a new eye liner. I really like it. It goes on smoothly and evenly. There really is not much need for me to shape or smudge the line at all because it turns out so well. OK, here is what is going on that has me contemplating this.

I am currently in California at a genealogy conference. my co-workers and I came in early this morning so that we could have some time to play in Southern California before we get down to the work of helping people with their genealogy. I was blessed in high school to have some amazing friends. Since graduating we've all gone our separate ways. Some are married, some aren't. Some are married to others from our group of friends, some aren't. Strangely enough three of my five best friends from high school now live in SoCal, and we are going to play this weekend. I haven't seen JessieAnna since Jenni's wedding almost 2 years ago, and I haven't seen Matt and Tricia since I lived in the Riviera over 4 years ago. They have 2 kids now, and I haven't even met their youngest yet. It is with this in mind that I really want to put my best face forward, and not look like a total scrub when I see them this weekend.

I knew coming into this trip that there would be quite a bit of down time. I haven't been able to straighten everything out yet so that I can remote in to work from here, so I brought a bunch of books and DVDs and genealogy projects to work on when I am not actually working at the conference. I brought a good mix of chick flicks, westerns, Shakespeare, Disney, fantasy and sports movies so that I am sure to have something that will fit my mood. (Also, I can let my co-workers borrow DVDs if they so choose) Among the DVDs are the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Tonight I am going to play with JessieAnna and meet her new roommates. I decided I was in the mood to listen to two strikingly good looking men exchange piratey Banter while engaging in some fierce swashbuckling. So I turned on Pirates 1 on in the background while I got ready. It was while I was putting on my eyeliner that I realized my subconscious ambition to be a pirate. As it turns out my new eyeliner, which I love because of it's black, iridescent pearly glow goes by the name of "Black Pearl".

Hmmm. I did see Johnny Depp's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. I wonder what my future holds if I suddenly decided to cruise the Caribbean searching for booty.

Well, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are certainly something to think about. That's for sure.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some things I have learned from my family

I love my family. And there are somethings that I have learned that need to be shared.

1. Laugh often, often until you cry.
Picture 106

2. No one else has your back like your brother.

3. You get silly in pictures when you are young.
Thanksgiving 004
Flaired Nostrils
Picture 012

4. You never grow out of that.
Picture 038
Picture 008
Picture 043

5. Mom and Dad like to get silly too.
Picture 075
vincent 006

6. Nothing is as funny as reading the ingredients on the back of the salad dressing bottle when your sister is trying to be a serious baby sitter. Sorry I don't have a picture for that.

7. Card Games=Good times, Late night=Better times and more crying.
Picture 105
Picture 058

8. Olives on the fingers is a trait of nature and not nurture, it is the natural thing to do.
Thanksgiving 150
Thanksgiving 152

9. When you go to Zoo Montana, the dirt is sometimes more interesting than the animals.
Thanksgiving 106

10. Naps are always a good thing.
Montana and Seattle 2007 101
Picture 162
Picture 130
Picture 113
Picture 112
Picture 065
Picture 071

Monday, November 05, 2007

Oh, and we also won "Best Overall" in the decorating contest.

Halloween at a company that really gets into the holiday Part 2

Here are some pictures of the Team, goofing off on Halloween

Caroline and the Food table

Chillin in the elevator

Glinda and Dorothy aka Me and Betsy

Me, as a cupcake

Glinda and the Cowardly Lion, Aka me and Trisha

The Cowardly Lion striking a couple of poses

Well, there you have it! That is what I've been up to lately. Maybe I'll start blogging again. We'll see what happens.

Halloween at a company that really gets into the holiday Part 1

So, my company really likes Halloween. There is a costume contest, an area decorating contest, and a bunch of other fun things. For the last part of the afternoon on Halloween everyone brings in their children and they go trick-or-treating among all the desks in the buildings. Here are some pictures of what my area looked like this year. We went for a Wizard of Oz Theme. So without further ado, here is my office as seen on Oct 31, 2007.

This was near the door to our area

This was on the door to our area

This is the view as you enter the area into Munchkinland

Welcome to Munchkinland

Dorothy's House on the Wicked Witch of the East

A few of the residents of Munchkinland

Signpost at the cross-roads

The Haunted Forest

Green hills with Poppies

Welcome to the Emerald City

Emerald City Castle

Hot Air Balloon with Basket, Dorothy was supposed to fly home in this

Here is the whole crew in our costumes

The Next Post will be of my co-coworkers and I. Stay tuned!